• Driving organizational excellence
    by inspiring individuals.


    With our EVOLUTION PDA – a holistic Personal
    & Professional Development App specifically
    designed to Inspire and Empower the Individuals
    in your Organization.

    Because Organizational Excellence starts with Inspired Individuals.


    With our EVOLUTION ODP – a highly evolved
    Organizational Development Platform
    that’s engineered to drive
    Organizational Excellence.

    There are many LMS’s out there. There is only one ODP.

About us

Knowledge Foundry is a premier organizational development and e-learning solutions provider with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Our unique, cutting-edge solutions place us at the forefront of organizational, professional and personal development globally.

Our custom and rapid-authored courseware production capabilities are also world-renowned. Just take a look at our off-the-shelf courseware - like Colour Accounting / The Ultimate Guide to Business Finance - to see why.


Inspire and Empower the Individuals in your Organization with our EVOLUTION PDA, a holistic Personal and Professional Development Application specifically designed to promote, support, encourage and record all aspects of an individual’s personal and professional growth. Its purpose is to drive Organizational Excellence by Inspiring Individuals to excel.

What is the PDA?

The EVOLUTION PDA is a a multi-lingual end-user app that runs on PC, Mac, IOS and Android devices, as well as POS systems. It is at its most powerful when integrated with our EVOLUTION ODP, but is LMS-agnostic, meaning that it can be integrated with all popular Learning Management Systems (LMS’s), and features full online and offline functionality.

Importantly, the PDA can run courseware / content in any format on any device type. That includes running Flash-based content on IOS devices. It is also not browser-dependent, meaning that you can still run your Flash-based content in the PDA long after the popular browser brands no longer support Flash.

As an added benefit, the PDA will run SCORM-compliant courseware in offline mode, so enabling your Users to enjoy truly mobile learning. Training progress is then synced with the LMS when the device is next online.

What does the PDA do?

The EVOLUTION PDA provides Users with a host of powerful tools designed to give them full control of all aspects of their personal and professional development. It monitors and records every step they take on their journey to excellence, provides them with extremely detailed reports on their progress, and encourages them by suggesting action plans for success.

To achieve this, the PDA provides
Users with the ability to:

  • Specify their preferred courseware / resource language
  • Access assigned courseware and resources
  • Run SCORM-compliant courseware while offline
  • Run Flash-based courseware on any device
  • Search for resources on their device and the web
  • Add their own resources
  • Request enrolment on courses
  • Access course forums and interact with others
  • Form their own groups in a forum
  • Access a workplace Café
  • Form their own groups in the Café
  • Share knowledge via workplace social media
  • Communicate with Administrators and SME’s
  • View their training schedule
  • View detailed training progress reports
  • Set time-based goals
  • Define the steps to take to achieve goals
  • Monitor their progress toward goal achievement
  • Receive goal-specific course suggestions
  • View their KPI’s and target achievement
  • Share notable achievements with others
  • Compare their progress to others
  • Participate in peer-to-peer reviews
  • Participate in gamification elements
  • View their points / overall standing
  • View their points to next level
  • Record their Wellbeing and view trends
  • Participate in Corporate Climate surveys
  • Receive the latest news about the Organization
  • Personalize their profile image / photo
  • Maintain a detailed personal and professional profile
  • Update their profile with latest skills and knowledge
  • Share their profile with others
  • View the skillsets and knowledge of their peers
  • Move seamlessly between multiple devices
  • Sync resources and data between devices


PDA Dashboard

The Dashboard provides an overview of - and access point for - all the features available to the User.

Only features applicable to the particular User or User Group, as defined by the Administrator, are accessible by the User.

From here they can access and edit their Profile, view their Evolution or Personal / Professional Development reports, see the latest news about the Organization, see their Performance Targets or KPI’s and status, view and edit their Training Schedule, view and edit their Goals and upcoming Steps, view and respond to Administrator Messages, and Café and Course Forum Messages, and access their Knowledge Resources, such as Courses and Corporate Procedural Documents.


The My Evolution > Overview area provides reports on all aspects of the Users’ Personal / Professional Development.

The Overview section shows information about the Courses they’re enrolled on and their progress, while the Wellbeing Report reveals trends regarding their sleep patterns, general mood, stress management skills and job satisfaction. The Evo Level section shows their points earned for enrolling on / completing courses, achieving high assessment scores, achieving performance targets / KPI’s and so on, as well as points needed to get to the next level. They can also view their overall points ranking and compare their achievements with those of other Users.


The My Evolution > Course Reports area provides highly granular Course Progress data.

Report data includes lessons Completed, In Progress, Up Next or Locked, Pre- and Post Lesson Confidence and Assessment Scores, Lesson Duration, Time Taken, Number of Attempts per Lesson, and Points Earned for completing a lesson and for achieving good assessment scores. A breakdown of the Learning Outcomes / Knowledge Acquired in each lesson is also provided, while the Pre- and Post Lesson Confidence and Assessment charts provide a comparative view of the Users’ confidence and assessment scores before and after each lesson.


The My Goals area is where the User can create and maintain their Personal and Professional Goals.

There are four main categories of User-defined goals, being Career, Health, Lifestyle and Relationships, and the User can stipulate whether the goals are short-, medium- or long-term, and set an achievement date. The Goal Setting tool requires the User to list the Steps they will take to achieve the Goal, as well as the timeframes for the completion of each Step. The Goal and Steps are then added to the Users Schedule, where they can be viewed at any time. The PDA automatically sends reminders – and Progress Requests - at set intervals to encourage action, and also suggests Courses and Resources that may assist the User in achieving the goal.


The My Messages area is where the User accesses their messages from the Administrator, as well as the Café and Course Forums.

The User can send requests for enrolment on Courses or technical assistance to the Administrator, and receives feedback and notifications from the Administrator in this area. The Café is where the User can commune with their peers. They are able to see Profile / Bio information about other Café users, including knowledge, skills and hobbies. They can book a booth, form a group and invite other users to join, or request permission to join other Users’ groups. As for the Course Forums, these are the forums created for each Course on which the User is enrolled, and are used for Q&A sessions and information sharing.


The My Knowledge > Overview area is where the User accesses all of their assigned Courseware and Knowledge Resources, as well as any personal knowledge resources they’ve added.

The My Courses section contains a list of all current and completed courses, as well as suggested courses. Courses are suggested by the PDA based on the Users’ Personal / Professional Goals, Career Development Path, Hobbies / Interests and also their previous searches. The My Resources section is where other knowledge resources, such as Corporate Procedural manuals or H&S information can be accessed. These may be in any format, such as PDF documents or links to documents, videos and webinars and links to these, links to websites and so on. The User may also add their own resources here. The Search function allows them to search for courses and other knowledge resources on their Device, the ODP, the Organizations’ servers or on the Web. They can then add the knowledge resources or request enrolment (via the Administrator) on the courses discovered during their Search.


The My Knowledge > Course Details area is where the User goes to start or continue a Lesson in a Course.

The Course Lessons section shows the User a list of the lessons, and which are Complete, In Progress, Up Next or Locked. Detailed information about each lesson, such as a Description, the Learning Outcomes, Duration and Due Date for completion are also shown. The Bookmark button allows the User to bookmark a Lesson for ease of reference in future. The Lesson Resources section includes a place where the User can add personal Notes or reminders for a Lesson, a Glossary of Terms used in the Lesson or Course, a list of the Key Points in the Lesson, a PDF Textbook for the Lesson or Course, and the Forum for the Lesson or Course. The User can also rate the Lesson, and Like or Share it with other Users via the Café or Forum.


Drive Organizational Excellence with our EVOLUTION ODP, or Organizational Development Platform - a highly evolved system that’s engineered to deliver and manage all the tools required for the Personal and Professional Development of every Individual within your Organization via our EVOLUTION PDA.

What is the ODP?

The EVOLUTION ODP is a cloud-based (SaaS) Human Resource / People Support software suite with a host of powerful features for use by the HR / PS team within an organization. It includes, as standard, a world-class, fully-featured Learning Management System (LMS).

What does the ODP do?

The EVOLUTION ODP manages all the features of - and records and reports on all activity in - the EVOLUTION PDA, our Personal / Professional Development Application (the end-user application that employees use for all aspects of their personal and professional growth).

As such, the ODP provides your HR / PS
team with the ability to:

  • Customise the appearance / branding of the PDA
  • Create User Groups
  • Turn PDA features on or off for different Users or Groups
  • Upload and manage Knowledge Resources
  • Define Learning Outcomes
  • Create pre- and post-lesson confidence and assessment checks
  • Manage E-learning, Webinar and Classroom Training Schedules
  • Create User Forums for Courses
  • Assign Resources to Users and User Groups
  • Manage E-learning and Classroom Training Schedules
  • Assign Resources to suppliers
  • Create Custom Learning Paths for Users
  • Assign Subject Matter Experts to User Groups
  • Create a Café for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing
  • Send Messages to anyone or everyone
  • Assign KPI’s to Users and User Groups
  • Enable peer-to-peer KPI feedback
  • Create gamification elements and rewards
  • Generate Corporate Climate surveys
  • Generate User Wellbeing surveys
  • Receive Alerts about any User issues
  • Review User career goals
  • View comprehensive reports
  • Receive employee churn reports & view trends